Cyber Bullying and Bullies

CaptureBlack letters flash across the screen, launching an attack of insults and rumors. Continue reading Cyber Bullying and Bullies


The “Always Win” Generation

The “Always Win” Generation

“Yaa!” my sister yelled as she won her 5th game of dice in a row! but of course my dad was letting her win. Then I decided to play, we rolled and I won! she screamed “no!” and threw a fit! I just walked away thinking “she needs to learn that things don’t always go her way”.

Then I thought “that goes for every kid out there.” Continue reading The “Always Win” Generation

Too Much Homework

Ring! Ring!

That is the last school bell for Emily today. As soon as she gets her stuff,  she starts to walk home and comes into the house going straight past the television, heads upstairs to her room to start her homework. Emily gets started right away at her page of math homework. Next, she has to write a page about George Washington, and then study the different types of rock for an upcoming test that week. Continue reading Too Much Homework

Are we treating animals right? Should we eat them?

Are we treating animals right?  Should we eat them?

It’s not enough for people to confine barn animals in cages their whole lives in factory farms. They go the extra step to make the animals produce larger litters and grow at faster rates, causing misery and even death for them. Continue reading Are we treating animals right? Should we eat them?