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Tracking in IDS

We should not have tracking device in our IDs. Because if you lose it gone and it is your job to keep up with your IDs.

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Should Parents Limit The TIme Kids Have Use On Tech Devices ?

If you ask me it would be a “ yes “ because kids shouldn’t have to be on devices all the time and I recommend don’t play too much of them around your parents so they won’t go all crazy around you.

If you’re a parent and you’re reading this, you should know about Steve Jobs that he was a low-tech parent. Most parents are high tech parents and kept track of how long there kid has been on tech devices. Some parents are like Steve Jobs that are low-tech parents and are fine or don’t care about their child on tech devices. Steve Jobs was a low tech-parent until people told him, “ you child must LOVE the ipad. “ Steve Jobs said “ they don’t play with it that much. “ Continue reading Should Parents Limit The TIme Kids Have Use On Tech Devices ?

 School Uniforms Are Not Fair For Kids

“Why do we have to wear these annoying uniforms?”

“ I think we should have the right to wear what we want!”

Schools that require school uniforms don’t let kids wear things that other kids get to wear. Kids are not getting to express themselves and the uniforms are getting in the way.  Wearing a uniform is too much like formal office clothes that adults wear. Continue reading  School Uniforms Are Not Fair For Kids