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Should Polices Should Wear Body Cameras

I went in my advisory, people were asking me if i read my article  I look in my binder I say oh woops forgot I need to read my article so I did read it i said, “ Okay this isnt that bad of a story.” So here I am, writing it and my thoughts of this story. What I think about this story is thats its true its a good and bad thing the thing is that you get to see who kills who and how you can capture them they go to jail. Continue reading Should Polices Should Wear Body Cameras


Body Cameras For Cops?

Our World is full of technology, we can use some of the technology we have today to help bring an end to crime, they are Body Cameras.
Body Cameras can film evidence of the crime so that it could give actual proof that what happened during the crime so they could find what crime someone has committed. Continue reading Body Cameras For Cops?