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Cyber Bullying and Bullies

CaptureBlack letters flash across the screen, launching an attack of insults and rumors. Continue reading Cyber Bullying and Bullies


Stop Zoos Killing Animals

On February 9th 2014 in the Copenhagen Zoo a healthy two year old giraffe named Marius was killed.  According to the New York Times, the main reason why he was killed was because his genes were well represented among the captive giraffe.  In other words they just killed him because he was there! Continue reading Stop Zoos Killing Animals

The “Always Win” Generation

The “Always Win” Generation

“Yaa!” my sister yelled as she won her 5th game of dice in a row! but of course my dad was letting her win. Then I decided to play, we rolled and I won! she screamed “no!” and threw a fit! I just walked away thinking “she needs to learn that things don’t always go her way”.

Then I thought “that goes for every kid out there.” Continue reading The “Always Win” Generation

Body Cameras For Cops?

Our World is full of technology, we can use some of the technology we have today to help bring an end to crime, they are Body Cameras.
Body Cameras can film evidence of the crime so that it could give actual proof that what happened during the crime so they could find what crime someone has committed. Continue reading Body Cameras For Cops?

Should Police Officers Wear Body Cameras

I predict that police officers should wear body cameras for dangerous activities such as a suspect on the camera that a person can not see or a cop telling the truth but the boss does not believe them, then the boss looks at the cameras to see if the cop is telling the truth.So lets see the truth with BODY CAMERAS! Continue reading Should Police Officers Wear Body Cameras