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Head Injuries In Football

j.g. footbalMy opinon about head injuries in footbal is Continue reading Head Injuries In Football


Kids’ Head Injuries and Playing Football

Head injuries happen all the time in football, basketball, soccer and  so on.  i think that  is that kids should play at their own risk.  This is if parents do not want the kid to play football then the kids should play play at their own risk . Continue reading Kids’ Head Injuries and Playing Football

Should Sports Teams Ban Offensive Names

Should Sports Teams Ban Offensive Names

There seems to be a big conflict about team names that can offend certain cultures, religions, and races. There’s one team that’s mostly referred to in this argument.  It’s the Washington Redskins. Continue reading Should Sports Teams Ban Offensive Names

Kids Playing Football?

Parents should let their children play football at their own risk. I have played tackle football (Pop Warner) and when I got injured my parents had a serious talk with me. It took some convincing but she said yes to continue playing football, and my life changed. To me football is the greatest thing in the world besides broccoli, (just kidding). Continue reading Kids Playing Football?

Should Students Play Football

footballShould your son play football?   Many parents say no, but football is a great sport! Many students play football.Its a great sport.It is also a contact sport.Also its better to start at a young age so you have more experience when you are older and you are more likely to get in the NFL.  Football is a great way to exersize and get out of your house and get active.

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