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Cyber Bullying and Bullies

CaptureBlack letters flash across the screen, launching an attack of insults and rumors. Continue reading Cyber Bullying and Bullies


Stop Zoos Killing Animals

On February 9th 2014 in the Copenhagen Zoo a healthy two year old giraffe named Marius was killed.  According to the New York Times, the main reason why he was killed was because his genes were well represented among the captive giraffe.  In other words they just killed him because he was there! Continue reading Stop Zoos Killing Animals

The “Always Win” Generation

The “Always Win” Generation

“Yaa!” my sister yelled as she won her 5th game of dice in a row! but of course my dad was letting her win. Then I decided to play, we rolled and I won! she screamed “no!” and threw a fit! I just walked away thinking “she needs to learn that things don’t always go her way”.

Then I thought “that goes for every kid out there.” Continue reading The “Always Win” Generation

Should Sports Teams Ban Offensive Names

Should Sports Teams Ban Offensive Names

There seems to be a big conflict about team names that can offend certain cultures, religions, and races. There’s one team that’s mostly referred to in this argument.  It’s the Washington Redskins. Continue reading Should Sports Teams Ban Offensive Names

Should Parents Limit Time on Electronics?

When it comes to using electronic devices, some parents think its bad, some don’t care, and some think a limited amount of time is good. Well, parents should limit the amount of time children use electronic devices.  Parents should do this so children won’t get addicted to electronic devices.  The time should not be so restricted that kids don’t get to use electronics at all. Continue reading Should Parents Limit Time on Electronics?

Friend or Foe?

 Friend or Foe?

bugsYour planet’s sun bakes the ground intensely. You’re out on a patrol with valuable cargo, encased in an indestructible, airtight chamber in your pack. You pause to rest, but are suddenly interrupted by an army of red, brawny soldiers heading straight for you, or more likely, the treasure you carry. You load your weapon and brace yourself for impact. It’s you against them… one versus a billion. Continue reading Friend or Foe?

Americans Should Not Trust the Government

Americans Should Not Trust the Government


Isis Conflict.

Syrian War.

NSA surveillance.

The Great Recession

The list continues…

These events devastated the U.S., and the Government failed to stop them.  Do you still trust the Government? Continue reading Americans Should Not Trust the Government