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I teach Language Arts at Canyon Vista Middle School .. and in a word, literacy. Life Literacy. It's everything you see, everything you hear, everything you touch and more. When does anyone stop learning about the world around them? ... did I mention I'm a Learner too? So are you!

Cyber Bullying and Bullies

CaptureBlack letters flash across the screen, launching an attack of insults and rumors. Continue reading Cyber Bullying and Bullies


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Stop Zoos Killing Animals

On February 9th 2014 in the Copenhagen Zoo a healthy two year old giraffe named Marius was killed.  According to the New York Times, the main reason why he was killed was because his genes were well represented among the captive giraffe.  In other words they just killed him because he was there! Continue reading Stop Zoos Killing Animals

The “Always Win” Generation

The “Always Win” Generation

“Yaa!” my sister yelled as she won her 5th game of dice in a row! but of course my dad was letting her win. Then I decided to play, we rolled and I won! she screamed “no!” and threw a fit! I just walked away thinking “she needs to learn that things don’t always go her way”.

Then I thought “that goes for every kid out there.” Continue reading The “Always Win” Generation

Why We Shouldn’t Have Tracking Devices

track“Man, I really hate this school computers. They’re so slow.” Do you ever wonder what this camera looking thing is in the computers are there for? Have you ever had to say “I hate technology in school”? Well, most likely never, because you haven’t seen the the new technology in action. Continue reading Why We Shouldn’t Have Tracking Devices

Should People Have Trackers on IDs?

Well they should because they lose  it once in a while and people should take care of the IDs but people still lose them. Trackers will be so help full to see where people have been and so the trackers will help teachers and others to catch kids of what they do.  Kids do things that teachers don’t know so why not put trackers on cards? Continue reading Should People Have Trackers on IDs?

Too Much Homework

Ring! Ring!

That is the last school bell for Emily today. As soon as she gets her stuff,  she starts to walk home and comes into the house going straight past the television, heads upstairs to her room to start her homework. Emily gets started right away at her page of math homework. Next, she has to write a page about George Washington, and then study the different types of rock for an upcoming test that week. Continue reading Too Much Homework

Should Sports Teams Ban Offensive Names

Should Sports Teams Ban Offensive Names

There seems to be a big conflict about team names that can offend certain cultures, religions, and races. There’s one team that’s mostly referred to in this argument.  It’s the Washington Redskins. Continue reading Should Sports Teams Ban Offensive Names

Tech Time: A Dilemma From The Eighties, But Still Relevant

Technology. We all use it. Our ancestors used technology. One day, while I was on my computer,  playing video games, my mom said to me this: “I should talk to your father and limit your time on the computer.” “PLEASE NO! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!,” i responded, like any other kid would have. Continue reading Tech Time: A Dilemma From The Eighties, But Still Relevant

Should Parents Limit Time on Electronics?

When it comes to using electronic devices, some parents think its bad, some don’t care, and some think a limited amount of time is good. Well, parents should limit the amount of time children use electronic devices.  Parents should do this so children won’t get addicted to electronic devices.  The time should not be so restricted that kids don’t get to use electronics at all. Continue reading Should Parents Limit Time on Electronics?

The Homework Sickness

“Mom I’m home!” I shout after hopping off the school bus.

“Caroline” She said greeting warmly  “Were having a movie night and…”

“I’d love too but I have a math test to study for ELA homework, World cultures crossword puzzle, Chinese essay, and the last page on my math tutoring packet.” I replied, slightly crossed. Continue reading The Homework Sickness

Should Polices Should Wear Body Cameras

I went in my advisory, people were asking me if i read my article  I look in my binder I say oh woops forgot I need to read my article so I did read it i said, “ Okay this isnt that bad of a story.” So here I am, writing it and my thoughts of this story. What I think about this story is thats its true its a good and bad thing the thing is that you get to see who kills who and how you can capture them they go to jail. Continue reading Should Polices Should Wear Body Cameras

Why We Should Have Tracking Devices in Students’ IDs

Why We Should Have Tracking Devices in Students’ IDs

Imagine you woke up late, and barely made it to school. Quickly, you put your stuff in your locker and just start to walk to class and the bell rings. You wouldn’t be late because you had tracking devices built in your ID. Your teacher knows your location, because of the tracking devices in your IDs. He/she can send someone to your location easily to verify your location. Continue reading Why We Should Have Tracking Devices in Students’ IDs

Kids Playing Football?

Parents should let their children play football at their own risk. I have played tackle football (Pop Warner) and when I got injured my parents had a serious talk with me. It took some convincing but she said yes to continue playing football, and my life changed. To me football is the greatest thing in the world besides broccoli, (just kidding). Continue reading Kids Playing Football?

Parents Shouldn’t Limit the Time Students Go Digital

aiden zeng

Some people say that parents should limit the time students go digital. And we should limit our playtime on video games, Netflix, and texting, etc. My parents don’t limit my time when I do all of my homework. I agree that it changes how students learn and what they talk about and damages their communication skills, but there are fun digital things that can motivate them. Continue reading Parents Shouldn’t Limit the Time Students Go Digital

Should Students Play Football

footballShould your son play football?   Many parents say no, but football is a great sport! Many students play football.Its a great sport.It is also a contact sport.Also its better to start at a young age so you have more experience when you are older and you are more likely to get in the NFL.  Football is a great way to exersize and get out of your house and get active.

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Hamdan Z. is a student at CVMS and likes to play sports and read.

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