A Note From the Editor

Hey, everyone, that’s so much for visiting and supporting our students’ work.

This blog is the result of several weeks of research during our Research Unit at Round Rock ISD. At Canyon Vista Middle School, we strive to have literate lives by living beyond the text through real-world experiences. So, guess what we did to wrap up our Persuasive Unit? We studied Op-Ed pieces from The New York Times.

Kelly Gallagher said (I’m paraphrasing) that if we want our students to be great writers, we have to show them great writing. Or great butterflies to emulate:

In our case, we looked up Editorials during our Persuasive Unit.

The New York Times happened to be running it’s Second Annual Student Editorial Contest, soliciting submissions from students throughout the country on a number of issues .. but it was restricted to kids 13 and older.

My students are turning 12 this year.  So, we decided to create our own publication… “The New York Thyme.”  Rather herby, no?  (It’s a play on words;  it’s good to throw in a homophone now and then!)

Everything you see here is the result of student work.  This is their publication.  I just threw it up on the board, but every precious. word. is. theirs.  Error included.  We decided to keep the misspellings and punctuation errors.  We thought they’d testify to the authenticity of the student pieces.   See it this way:  we are capturing them at their beginning.  This is their first try (still answerable to the gradebook, unfortunately).    This go-round, they’ve learned to become more cognizant of the reader, so with our next effort (poetry blog!), you can expect more pristine, more purposeful punctuation.

But these opinions, my students own them.  They cherish them, they’re proud of them, just as they are.   Please be proud with them.

Please take a moment to run through their blog, and in the silence of your heart make a wish for me .. that all students can learn to value and sacredness of their beliefs, of their opinions.

Thank you for stopping by.  🙂

— Mrs. Estrada


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