Cyber Bullying and Bullies

CaptureBlack letters flash across the screen, launching an attack of insults and rumors.

A facebook post, a tweet could ruin someone’s self-esteem. With a new type of technology, old school bullying is out and a new type of bullying is coming. This type of Bullying doesn’t leave scars or bruises it leaves tracks, for everyone in the world to see.

This is Cyberbullying..

This new outbreak of cyberbullying can hurt through social media like Kik or Instagram, and even calls. There are two types of Reactions. People either act positively or negatively. A positive victim blocks communication, deletes messages without reading them, or reports to parent or website. A negative victim reacts by seeking revenge on bully,avoiding friends and family, or hurts themselves.

What exactly can you do to stop bullying? Should schools have greater punishment or less?

This story takes place in Miami where a 12-year-old girl named Rebecca Ann Sedwick was so wounded by what was happening to her through cyberbullying of about 15 kids that she climbed to the top of an platform of an abandoned cement plant near her house and jumped to her death,just because of Cyberbullying. Before Rebecca’s death her mother complained for several months about her being bullied, but nothing changed.So her mother took her phone away and soon “she was back to her old self,” said Rebecca’s mother Tricia Norman. But soon got back on to new social media applications-, Kik, and Voxer- which made the bullying started again.

Unless schools want these things happening to kids getting bullied, they should advance the punishment from just sitting in a detention room for weeks to being expelled,juvenile detention or felonies. We can’t let bullies get away with the things they do, we have to find a way to make schools a safer and better place.

I wouldn’t say my school doesn’t have any problems with bullying because I got bullied multiple times. The feeling is scary. I didn’t tell anyone at first because I thought the person would get mad. I spoke to my mom, I eventually told before it got even worse, and immediately my problem was solved.

That doesn’t mean that there are no more cyberbullies or bullies. If you see anyone don’t just let it happen.Tell an adult or teacher so that person and everyone else is safe.

 written by Imani J.

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