Why We Shouldn’t Have Tracking Devices

track“Man, I really hate this school computers. They’re so slow.” Do you ever wonder what this camera looking thing is in the computers are there for? Have you ever had to say “I hate technology in school”? Well, most likely never, because you haven’t seen the the new technology in action.

According to the article from the New York Times Student IDs That Track the Students, Some kids like the idea that they get to scan barcodes faster for lunch or they also like that they can  find someone faster when they’re in need.

But the school earns money when the right count of people are there. When some of the students are not there the school lose money.  Plus kids like to skip or miss class, which gives the teachers and administrators ideas for tracker devices. Mr Simpson a policy strategist for American Civil Liberties Union of Texas said that “technology was originally designed for shipping goods and cattle. It was never intended for people.”

However having tracker devices in school is not a good idea because for one we lose our privacy and it would give students an idea to start hacking into the IDs.

What can we do to stop this? We’ll  protest to kids to stop skipping class. It really does take away good chances into going to a good college because it’s bad already that they have to have monitors for people that are almost grow in college. Plus this behavior can lead up to dropping out of school. Last but not least, how do kids grow up without mistake in there life when they know they’re being tracked.

About the Author

 Gabreauna Nash is a six grader at canyon vista middle school and loves art, basketball and almost anything.

Works Cited

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