The “Always Win” Generation

The “Always Win” Generation

“Yaa!” my sister yelled as she won her 5th game of dice in a row! but of course my dad was letting her win. Then I decided to play, we rolled and I won! she screamed “no!” and threw a fit! I just walked away thinking “she needs to learn that things don’t always go her way”.

Then I thought “that goes for every kid out there.”

This seems to happen to most kids in this country! The millennials mostly, the millennials are kids Captureborn from 1988 to 2002 and I think it is more of kids who are younger than 2002, it happens mostly with kids who are younger like 7 and up. This problem is where kids are too self absorbed and think that things will always go their way. Millennials who are older (like in their early 20) a lot of them have bad jobs and life out of college didn’t go anywhere as planned, It’s because they think they can get it easy.

The biggest reason of this problem is the parents and the tv, the parents let their kids win too much and they start to think that they will always win, the tv is because the disney channels and other show like nickelodeon,  the main character is always winning and getting popular. For the older millennials its hard to get a job, the unemployment rate for kids in there early 20 is 20 percent! That means 20 percent of young adults have no job and either live with parents or beg.  Not only do they think that perfect jobs exist but they always tend to think they’re good enough to get them! they may be right but only very few are actually prepared enough to find and get those perfect jobs.

— written by Dalton R.

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