Does this Happen to You?

 It happens everyday.


Seventy-seven percent of all students get bullied either physically or verbally.

Most bullying starts out as jokes or pranking, but when fellow students attempts suicide or gets their feelings hurt it just went too  far. According the article (source 2)” bad things happen in a locker room such as sexual abuse”.

 Where does most bullying happen?  Most bullying takes place after school,before school,in the playground and in the bus.

researchers  believe that in elementary school bullying is more physical as in more pushing ,shoving etc.But as kids get older it gets less physical.Therefore it gets more sexual. After all bullying occurs in school right under the teachers nose.Everyday your child spends 8 hours in school.You may ask your child if he/she gets bullied and will probably say’’no’’.But of course he/she is scared and thinks it will be fine.

Why do students get bullied?Targets(victims)get bullied because their different or they don’t have good money or their smart.Most bullying occurs from the bullies choice.Not because the target is different.A student may be bullied because he is good at sports or made the cheerleading squad. Another reason why students may be bullied is because they lack attention from their parents so they try to get attention  from their peers.In fact as boys age they are more likely to stand by than stand up.yes bullying may get more serious

Facts you may consider-2 in 20 students drop out because of constant bullying.     

— written by Tomas L.

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