Corporal Punishment Implication

When a student in high school got in trouble for skipping detention he got whacked by his principal in his butt s.m. corporal punishment 3causing deep bruises and was sent to the hospital with serious injuries. Afterwards the principal received no legal punishment.
I think that there should be punishment and treated like child abuse. I have researched that child abuse is an adult harming a child as a form of abuse, so why shouldn’t this be taken as child abuse?

Some parents imply this type of punishment on their children but i think it should be illegal and should be counted as child abuse. People think you should have free reign of discipline over a student as long as you don’t kill him. Which is completely wrong because she is  saying that you can beat a student until is to the thin line of life and death.


For the solution i think there is a solution.The  solution is making corporal punishment illegal.If someone gets in trouble they should have severe consequences but definitely not harming the human body. The students should have punishments as, getting their phone away, taking money away from them, or grounding them. All those items that i just mentioned are replaceable, as the human body is not.

About the Author

Santiago M. is a fourth degree black belt in taekwon do and loves soccer. He has been doing taekwondo since he was 3 years old and soccer since 5 years old.

Works Cited

“Schools Under Pressure to Spare the Rod Forever.” 2011. 12 Mar. 201


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