Babies with PHONES?!

f.b. babies with phonesAccording to the article Toddlers on Touch Screens” Parenting the ‘App Generation’  “One day Fang Chang (a dad)  bought his first iPadhe and his wife saw that their kid was mastering the device in like 10 minutes!” AND HE’S ONLY 2!  There is a  some good things about being on a device when you are 2 but there is a lot more bad things about it  because kids would probably learn faster and kids can call home if something bad happens to him later in life and no one can help him, but it could also be bad because he might get addicted to his phone when he gets a phone and not spend any time in the real world. Also during school he could get distracted by device.

He would probably learn faster because there is SO many educational apps out there that really now you can pretty much teach your toddler stuff from school before he actually goes to school with apps.

Sadly, when he DOES grow up he might get addicted to the iPad or iPhone because he spent his childhood spent on the device I can see this argument: “Honey, did you do you homework?” a mom says. “No, i’m busy right now.” says a boy. “What are you doing?”.  “OH MY GOSH MOM WHY DO YOU CARE! I WAS TRYING TO BEAT THE FINAL BOSS AND YOU MADE ME MESS UP!!!”.  “Honey, you need to do your homework before I take away your privileges.”. “UGH!”                                                                                                                                                     Imagine a two year old stuck at his daycare with a FIRE IN THE PLACE! THE PHONE IS DOWN AND EVERYONE’S SCREAMING FOR HELP!! BUT WAIT THE BABY HAS A PHONE!! EVERYONE’S IS SAVED! Anything can happen in the world, and a Phone just might save your kid if he knows how use a phone.


One day there is a math lesson on how to do this really hard type of problem. The kid’s job that he really wants when he grows up needs him to learn that type of math problem. But he is playing on his phone and does not pay attention, therefore he doesn’t get the job he wants AND he flunks the class because he wasn’t paying attention, all because he NEEDED to beat his high score in flappy bird.

So really all iPhones, Blackberry’s and other phones are good for learning and teaching but not for games and other things that will guarantee you to be addicted to your device. BUT we could just not get devices at all and all of the at school and the bad grades and the learning everything before school doesn’t matter anymore.

About the Author

Fletcher B. made this editorial.  His teacher Mrs. Estrada gave this assignment to every one of her students so she’s the reason he made this editorial.  Fletcher was born in Chicago, IL and when he was 2, he moved to Portland, Oregon.  He stayed there for about 6-7 years and then he moved to Austin, TX and he’s currently still here.  Fletcher and his family are planning to move to Philadelphia this summer. His family consists of his mom (Kristine), his dad (Matt), his sister (Sasha), Fletcher, and his cat (Calvin).  Fletcher’s hobbies include playing video games, reading and even though he’s really bad at it, drawing. Thank you for reading Fletcher’s editorial.

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