Tracking in IDS

We should not have tracking device in our IDs. Because if you lose it gone and it is your job to keep up with your IDs.

Also it is not fair for people tracking you down it is like they are  flowing you where you go.Like some school track you when you get on the bus and of the bus.But some people do not like them keeping track of you where you go and all.

Some of the pros are if you lose your ID you don’t have to pay five bucks they can just tell you where your ID is.If you found your ID it would be a lot faster to go through the lunch line with your ID.Also we could use it as your attendance .Also having tracking devices  in our IDs help the people know where you are if you have an emergency.

Well thats all I have about tracking devices in your ids .I hope you know something new that we should not have tracking devices in our IDs .Because I don’t think it is right to have tracking devices in ID.

— written by Miekaul N.

Works Cited

“Student IDs That Track the Students – The New York Times.” 2012.

3 Mar. 2015.


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