Head Injuries In Football

j.g. footbalMy opinon about head injuries in footbal is

that we should still watch football because it’s enjoying to watch and you get hurt in life and it is fun to be with your friends and family and enjoy a good game even if they get hurt that is what backups are for.

One way I know that  head injuries in football are okay is when someone gets hurt they go off the feild and comes back or dont, and if they come back then they are ok but if get a concusion then thats a diffrent story.If they get hurt like they can’t play for a long time then it gets serious but they signed a contract so if you get hurt its on you.

j.g. footbal 2Another way I know head injuries in football is’nt that bad is that if you get a head injury in football is that when you get hurt your coach would say no pain no game and if your afraid of getting hurt then dont play football or you can suck it up and play like a man and don’t be a baby.Also life is full of injuies.

So to make sure we dont get head injuries we can make sure you dont tackle up high and go for the waist and below so that you dont hit helments and get knocked out. Another solution I know is that they are making new helments so you can’t get any concusions and can’t get hurt but the bad thing is its more weight and when you hit your head on the ground its going to make a bigger bang.

— written by Jordan G.

 Works Cited in progress…


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