Girls in Control

Girls in Control

Should schools vote on more girls as leaders?

They should. John G. Palfrey Jr., the headmaster of the 235 year old prep school called Andover, said in an interview about the headmaster role , “Girls have not had equal access in leadership positions.”

Andover then decided to increase the chances of electing a girl as a school president this year. Many more girls ran for president all with boy partners. The finalists were two groups. One with a girl and boy and one with two boys. Mr. Perkins, the schithat they would pick the boys because the girls would think they’re cute, and the jocks would think they’re cool. There was no other reason to pick the girl’s team.

The school leaders and headmaster came to a conclusion that boys had better leadership skills. The  girls just needed to try. Afterwards, the boys claimed that they were threatened by the girls running for president. Mr. Perkins said, “I won’t vote for a girl just because she is a girl.”

I am sure that is Mr. Perkins picked the the team with a girl on it, they would have lead just fine. But the staff didn’t seem to think so.

Just because your a girl doesnt mean boys should get threatened by you in a leadership role. We all are equal and we should be determined by our qualities.

— written by Rhea M.

Works Cited  in progress…




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