Giraffe To Lion

Killing a giraffe is wrong many people don’t understand the consensus of killing. They can die and refuse to breed more of their kind and they can become extinct  and that will be our  fault  and thats not a good thing. There is a ok thing they don’t waste the giraffe but instead they feed it to a lion!

you don’t want the lion to starve but still why can’t they give the lion something similar that they can eat like dog or cat food or even fish there are so many fish i don’t really think they will become extinct. If there was people against the zoo feeding giraffes to  lions or any animal being killed for any reason i don’t think the zoo will have a good business running out of customers and why can’t they just do safaris the animals are not caged up you get to see their real environment and its fun to feed them feel the fresh air and when you get to see animals choosing to stay in that environment am do you really want your kids to see an animal eats another animal that can inspire your child to kill other animals and the not good. Mr. Holst said that in the future they will have/make a breeding program but he has been a bit off task people have been saying “if you kill a giraffe i kill you” which he thought was insane! Marius a giraffe was not fully grown but was about three feet tall and have been killing by a shotgun not only lions eat the baby giraffe also leopards and tigers have been eating the baby giraffe and there is still some left from Marius to feed the other animals most people think the giraffe Marius and other giraffes think they should have a good life and let them respect others. the only solution is so simple stop killing the giraffes!! let them free!!!

— written by Emma G.

Works Cited in progress…





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