Cash for Good Test Scores?

Cash for Good Test Scores?

Uh oh, she’s passing out the test. Woah, the test looks like it’s 7 pages long! (gulp) this looks hard, so I better get started.

Easy,easy,easy, wow I’m done. When I turn it in, Mrs Lauffer hands me… wow a 20!

I believe that schools should give money for good test scores. I see a good test score as a 98 or above. Some schools are already handing out cash. Virginia Advanced Studies Strategies, funded by the nonprofit National Math and Science Initiative pay bonus money to students and teachers for good AP exam scores. It worked magnificently well. The motivation had much more students take the AP tests.

“At Colonial Forge High School, the number of AP tests jumped 25 percent. Tests at North Stafford High were up 56 percent. At Stafford High, the increase was 105 percent, from 543 to 1,113 tests. Every English, math or science AP test at the three Stafford schools with a passing grade from independent College Board readers meant a $100 check for the student and another for the teacher. I think that $100 is ok in high school, but if this spreads to Middle School, a 100 on a test should get about $20. The students and teachers can get a good amount of money from this too, checks totaling $90,800 went to students and $145,370 to teachers.

Students will also be excited about going to school, instead of “Oh no, I have a test today……” it can be “Yes!! I have a test today!!”. I know that every once and a while, kids feign sickness, they want to skip the day because a test or something else is that day. If teachers start paying students, they will always be at school, in case of a pop quiz.

We should start with a small amount, around $5, and if it works, give them a $2-$5 raise. However, We shouldn’t be getting over $15.

— written by Jim M.

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