Animals Should Have Rights

Are you an animal lover?

Steven Wise and the Smart Chimp
Steven Wise and the smart chimp

Do you think your pets and other animals smart? Well, they are!

If you don’t believe me keep reading, you might learn something. Still reading? Good.

Animals are smart and they should have rights. You may think, “That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!” But it’s not, it’s fair, considering a lot of animals are smarter than humans. Animals should be persons, I am a person, not a thing. A legal person. In the article ‘Animals Are Persons Too’, a lawyer, Steven Wise, thinks animals are persons too. “How does a thing become a person?” the article says. You have to fight for it and Mr. Wise was willing to do that for animals.

Steven Wise in Court
Mr. Wise in court

Mr. Wise has been fighting for animal rights for 30 years. He says that animals are being abused, apes are put in small cages with one or no friends to share it with! When the others die they grieve, for very long periods of time. Infant chimpanzees are put in small tubes, to ship away. But, what these horrible people don’t know is these monkeys are  smarter than a lot of the humans hurting them! Mr. Wise took a test on a touch screen where a series of numbers appear for a very small period of time, then black squares cover them. The subject then has to put the number in order without seeing them. Mr. Wise scored a 30, and a chimp scored a 100. That shows a lot.


This 6 minute documentary from the New York Times shows this story, in a more complex form, but with pictures ( WARNING! The video makes me cry every time, people are horrible) .  Anyway, Steven Wise went to court multiple times for the animals. The article says, “If he wins, he will have successfully broken down the legal wall that separates animals from humans.” The animals should win the courts vote. They are amazing and everyone should stand up for their rights.

Ok, if you are against what I am saying, let me just tell you right there that you are wrong. Yes, some animals are overpopulated, but that doesn’t mean you should kill them! I mean, humans are overpopulated, 7-8 billion people are living in this world!  And yes, some animals can be cruel, but the people hurting them are even worst!

FIGHT for animal rights. It’s the right thing to do. Animals are smart, and being tortured! Help them!

About the Author

Mary is 12 years old and has a pet bunny and two dogs. She used to live in Tennessee, but moved to Texas about three years ago. Mary wants to become a baker when she’s older.

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