The Murder of Marius


Have you seen a giraffe in a zoo? They’re magnificent animals, that although they’re not endangered suffer from habitat loss but did you know that these and often other animals in zoos are killed because of lack of space or other petty reasons?

These poor innocent animals are murdered and turned into lion food even though they are healthy. This is awful and should not be allowed.

After Marius, a healthy 11 feet 6 inches tall giraffe, was killed in a Danish zoo the zoo said it was because if the giraffe kept breeding he would breed with his own offspring, this did not satisfy most people. The zoo seemed determined to kill the giraffe for they ignored 30,000 online signatures against Marius’s death, multiple offers of adoption from other zoos and a bid of $682,000 for him. Marius died when he was only 2 because his gene pool was already too well represented, but only two years earlier he had been born so did the zoo have this problem back then? Couldn’t the zoo guess that if they kept breeding these giraffes they would soon face this problem?Why did they allow this baby to be born? Only to be killed 2 years later. They could not give the giraffe to other zoos because the same genes were also in zoos all across Europe. This only raises the point that this would be happening all across Europe now because killing one giraffe doesn’t stop this from happening in multiple zoos. They would either have to kill every giraffe or trade with other zoos for a new gene pool. So why didn’t they? There are likely zoos all across the world willing to trade but instead they decided to kill an innocent young animal.

These animals are often killed because of lack of space, or to eliminate the possibility of breeding with their own offspring. These are good reasons but is there not other options? Why did they not release Marius into the wild, this would not only get rid of him but would help the wild giraffe population. They could have traded with other zoos across the world. There is no point in killing these innocent animals and alternative solutions should be put into action immediately. Now that you know about this you should do something, spread the word, donate to zoos so they can expand. Don’t let these poor animals be killed, take action.

— written by Anna D.

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