Yay or Nay to Football

Should parents let their kids play football? Yes!, they should definitely because for one, whoever signed up for football knows that they are most likely going to get hurt, they know what they signed up for, they were warned.

So the question still sits on over-protective parents deciding, should I let my kid play football?. they should be able to play but they should take out the rule of pushing up on someones head. And maybe change some of the rules so people don’t get hurt as much.

The way people get so many broken legs, and concussions is because the drills that they tell the kids to do is to put your head pushing up on the other teams head. And broken legs are because people tackle the players and they run faster so they get the leg and pull it, or they land at a funky angle. It’s a 47%, chance that someone gets a concussion in Football, 33% happens at practice, and 3,800,000 concussions were reported in 2012 according to “Head Case Company”. About 99% of high schools have a Football team. So therefore these 34 percent will stay the same or rise up as they build more high schools.

Football should still be playable and allowed, they should just change the drills, change the rules, and or don’t let the students/players hit hard. So you can take the risk of getting hurt or just not play. Overall Football is a friendly sport if you know how to play it, if you don’t it’s dangerous because you have someone who is aggressive, and gets in fights.

— written by Patrick M.

Works Cited

“Stats on Concussions & Sports – Head Case – Complete …” 2013.

3 Mar. 2015.



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