Why We Should Have Tracking Devices in Students’ IDs

Why We Should Have Tracking Devices in Students’ IDs

Imagine you woke up late, and barely made it to school. Quickly, you put your stuff in your locker and just start to walk to class and the bell rings. You wouldn’t be late because you had tracking devices built in your ID. Your teacher knows your location, because of the tracking devices in your IDs. He/she can send someone to your location easily to verify your location.
You might not think that tracking devices in students IDs isn’t safe. You might think that it will be unnatural for students having trackers. But all students should have tracking devices in their IDs for the sake of our future generations where everything is about technology.

One reason why there should be trackers in IDs is because it prevents students from missing important activities during school. The Scholastics article, Tagging Students, says that Jones Middle Schools principal Wendy Reyes, says, “We had kids missing dentists appointments because we couldn’t find them fast enough. We had the staff running through the school trying to find the students, and the parents were understandably upset.” There are a lot of people in a school and sending a teacher to search and search for one student within so many students to send them a note telling them they have something to go to during school doesn’t make it any better. This is one reason why we should have trackers in ID cards in school.

Another reason that there should be tracking devices in students’ IDs is because it will increase students attendance. It will help because student won’t be counted absent if they are somewhere important like the nurse or in a meeting with the guidance counselor, as the Scholastics article, Tagging Students says.

Again, students should have tracking devices in their IDs because one, it prevents students missing important appointments or activities where they have to leave during school, and two, it increases the students attendance. After all, our future generation’s world will be technology. It makes sense to have tracking devices in students IDs to make lives easier. I am a student at CVMS. I am in sixth grade.

About the Author

Anisha C. is a student at Canyon Vista. She plays basketball, soccer, and track.

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