When Pranks Cross the Line

Probably when you put someones kids, it escalates or it keeps repeating itself. Thats when it should be crossing the line because think of how the person would feel. today i will be talking about crossing the line

Lets start with pranks the classic, sure the old toilet paper and spit balls but think if you open your locker in school and say someone put rotten food in there you wouldn’t like that. Or taking your binder and throwing it on the ground. That kind of prank would be a scale of 3 to 10 so what im trying to say is pranking and bullying is kind of a like. Heres why pranks, is like some things that go on and bullying is something that goes on and on so they are basicly the same thing.

Bullying starting to wedgies being annoyed, name called, threatening, or forced to do something. Lets start with what bullying is, bullying is when something bad happens to you over and over to you again. Heres a fact, pranks can be so bad it leads to injuries or even lead to jail, why you might ask because its ridiculous, Take an example, A teenager Dies after classroom ‘bullying stunt’ goes wrong as teacher looks on. A teenager has died after a prank by school bullies went wrong- in teachers view. Sergei Casper, 17 was the victim being forced to wrap himself in cling film so he couldn’t move his arms or legs, putting self in serious risk of death. Until the day he lost his balance and hit his throat on the teachers desk and crushed his oesophagus. tragic, as he suffocated to death on the ground while his classmates laughed at him. As to that day we will all know how bad pranks can turn to bullying and then soon death.

written by Nico D.

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