Unthreatened or Unprotected

Unthreatened or Unprotected


“You lost your ID? Oh that’s ok, we have the tracker on it, we’ll find it for you.”

These days in schools, many districts have invested in ID cards that have trackers, and also have voice recorders. But is this a good thing? Or is it getting into violating student rights?

Many people are probably against this new “ID tracker”, but it could do a lot of good. If somebody loses their ID, they can get it given back, or returned to them by people who found it through the tracker. Or even if somebody plans to cause chaos, or even pain to others, the ID tracker’s voice recorder can pick up what they’re saying. Many Schools are already implementing these trackers already. WIRED’s article “Student Suspended for Refusing to Wear RFID Tracker Loses Lawsuit” says“And a Houston, Texas, school district began using the chips to monitor students on 13 campuses in 2004 for the same reasons the Northside Independent School District implemented the program.” Also, these people tried to perform a lawsuit Many schools are implementing these for one reason, safety. Yes, but what if they don’t have their ID? Its better than not having any way of finding out what they’re planning to do. Yes it’s invading or even violating certain student rights, but it could be life saver in the end.

But these ID’s can help in even deeper problems. Kids who wear their ID’s a lot, and kids who talk a lot, can give you information on problems they’re having in school. If they have breakdowns, you can figure out what’s causing that, and even help them with their problem. Many things can happen at school, and with the ID trackers, we can stop the bad things (bullying etc.), and encourage the good things.

If people could just stop looking on the bad side of the ID trackers, and if they just start looking on the bright side of them, we can have a better school environment, and even a better life. Just let the ID trackers do their work, and if you feel unsafe with the ID’s tracking your voice and location, just take it off! It’s the best way of improving safety. Just deal with it.

— written by Preston L.

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