Too Young for Phones

“Johnny, put away your phone!”

“Be quiet mom, let me play.”

“Johnny you have 5 seconds to put away your phone”






“Johnny I’m coming up to your room right now!”

“Kay kay I’ll put it away.”

“Gosh, parents are so annoying.”

 Phones are a big problem in our society and it’s rapidly getting worse and worse! Kids like Johnny who play 2-3 hours A DAY get home from school, go to their room, lock their door, then stare into their device like it is some sort of hypnosis screen. Kids definitely shouldn’t be doing this, first it destroys their education then destroys their life.

Now more and  more kids are becoming addicted to their devices, they could be tablets, iphones, ipods , or ipads. Kids younger than two are even playing on their parents I phone almost EVERYWHERE they go. Everytime I go to the grocery store I see a kid in the back of the cart playing on the new iphone 6. I get really astonished at how the kids have the need to be on an Iphone 24/7. I wonder, “Wow how can the parents afford an iphone six for their kid and most likely themselves.”

Now that most kids under the age of three of four have a phone it will start getting hard for the students to sit in class without a phone. According to The New York Times national internet survey “Among children under 2, the survey found that 38 percent had used mobile devices like iPhones, Tablets, or Kindles”  These devices are causing bad things to kids like ADHD making their brains turn into “mush” and making it hard to pay attention in class or just to a simple conversation.

Here is a video from CBS news asking parents about how phones are effecting their kids.

If Kids now in this generation are constantly on a video game it would affect how kids and even grown ups live every thing would be technology, learning would just be long emails to read, and having a conversation would just be a series of text’s.

About the Author

Alex F. is a student at Canyon Vista Middle School, in 6th grade. He loves to play soccer and swim.

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