Too Much Homework

Ring! Ring!

That is the last school bell for Emily today. As soon as she gets her stuff,  she starts to walk home and comes into the house going straight past the television, heads upstairs to her room to start her homework. Emily gets started right away at her page of math homework. Next, she has to write a page about George Washington, and then study the different types of rock for an upcoming test that week.

“Dinner,” her Mom calls from down stairs. “Coming,” Emily responds. After dinner she goes back upstairs, getting a start on a test review on the Middle East. Emily then finally heads to bed to get a good night’s rest for tomorrow. Does her after school schedule correspond a little bit to yours? The amount of homework teachers are assigning has increased a lot over the years. Homework has limited the time for kids to relax and might unbalance kid’s life.

One reason why we know teachers are assigning too much homework is that kids do not have enough time to relax and do non-school related things. According to the article Too Much Homework, 9 year olds to 11 year olds spent about an average of 2 hours and 49 minutes doing homework a week in 1981, while 16 years later kids were already doing about 3 ½ hours of homework. This means that homework, that has been assigned has increased rapidly over 16 years. Also, kids of the ages of 6 to 8 had an even bigger difference from, 44 minutes to more than 2 hours a week of homework. It seems that the students before us came home from school got right to work and then had the rest of the evening to do whatever they wanted to. Students are now are coming home and doing homework for the rest of the night, also on top of that any other out of school activities they do. It seems that this generation of children is missing out of basic childhood back then.

k.m. homework

According to YC Spector, above is a pie chart of how many hours of homework 13 to 17 year olds spend a night.

Another reason is it unbalanced kid’s lives when teachers assign too much homework. Kids won’t have an even balance between their downtime, sleeping, family time and other activities out of school. Most kids stay up to about 10:00 P.M. working on assignments. Yes, homework reinforces things taught in class. Yes, it prepares them for tests and quizzes. But, you can’t just throw a bunch of homework at the student that is due tomorrow. You know that student’s have a life too, that includes things other than school work. Students who spend so much time on homework that it limits them from the fun stuff in life.

So what are we going to do about this problem about homework? An ideal solution for this problem is that teachers assign less homework and do more practice in class. This will limit the time students spend working on school assignments at home. When the students do more practice at school the teacher then won’t have to assign as much homework since they have more practice they can go through the assignment faster. Overall homework has increased and we have to do something about this. This is a problem that can be fixed easily, but we need your help. Together we can have teachers cut back on the homework for the sake of our nation.

 written by Kathryn M.

Works Cited

Too Much Homework! Time For Kids: News Scoop Edition, 1/29/1999, Vol.4, Issue 15


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