Time Lapse With Technology

Time Lapse With Technology

Should parents limit their kids time on devices?

Yes. Many terrible things could happen if kids or on their devices for a long time. They can get addicted to their phone or iPad and then they will stop listening to you. They also could start getting bad grades in school cause they are playing on their phones or computers when they are not supposed to.

According to the Times article “Can student have Too much Tech?” it states that babies born to low-income parents spend at least 40 percent of their waking hours in front of a screen, more than twice the time spent by middle-class babies. It also says that students who have complete access to a computer between 5th and 8th grade usually have their math and reading scores persistently declined. In the early 2000’s, the Duke University economists Jacob Vigdor and Helen Ladd tracked the academic progress of a nearly one million disadvantage middle school students against the dates they were given computers. The researchers studied the students’ math and reading skills for five years and recorded how they spent their time .
In an article , I read about how Steve Jobs lets his kids work with technology. He said he limits the amount of time he lets their kids use technology, which in my opinion I think thats a great idea. It also probably keeps his kids grades up. Another thing it says is, that many other parents limit their kids time on devices.

no tech stick manIf you are a parent I hope you do the same thing as he did. It will help tremendously with your kids behavior and grades and attention towards the world. If you are a kid please try not to get addicted to your phone or computer or any other electronic. It can affect you,and other people might not want to talk to you if your gonna be on your electronics the whole time .

— written by Andrea W.

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