The Tech World

The Tech World

Parents and teachers, should limit the amount of time kids spend on tech devices.

If we let them have as much time a they please, they could become addicted. Kids could start not doing well in school, start not paying attention to the world, start tantrums if you take it away, etc. We should limit the time they spend on these devices so they can do well in school, and pay attention to the outside world.


In 2010 Steve Job’s iPad came out. The product was “hitting the shelves”  Nick Bilton a reporter asked Mr. Jobs about the iPad. He asked him, “So, your kids must love the iPad?”  Mr. Jobs replied, “They haven’t used it, we limit how much technology our kids use at home.” It was very surprising, I would think that his kids use it all the time. I read through the article more and i saw a lot of other famous parents don’t let their kids use a lot of technology at their home either.

Now a lot of schools are giving their students laptops. For example my teacher took away her daughter’s laptop for a week, and she got straight A’s. Maybe the schools should not give laptops to the kids, and just use their parents or ones that are at home. Maybe these younger scholars will pay more attention if they don’t worry  about charging it, replying to a text, etc. I’m not saying we should take all their devices away just maybe on the school nights, and on the weekends they could have them. And if they really need the laptop or which ever device for a long period of time monitor them. Get an app that shows you what your child is doing.

My parents don’t let me have social media or use my laptop unless its homework on school nights. I get good grades without all the technology. If I can do it, so can you. Limit the amount of time you use your tech devices. The world doesn’t revolve around tablets, laptops, and phones.

— written by Dita R.

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