The Homework Sickness

“Mom I’m home!” I shout after hopping off the school bus.

“Caroline” She said greeting warmly  “Were having a movie night and…”

“I’d love too but I have a math test to study for ELA homework, World cultures crossword puzzle, Chinese essay, and the last page on my math tutoring packet.” I replied, slightly crossed.

“That’s sad”. Then she grinned. “Well we were going to watch the all three Lord of the Rings but we may have to…”. “Cancel those movies and You. Are. Dead.”

It turns out that they did watch the  Lord of the Rings  ….without me. Because I had received too much homework, I worked until 11:00 P.M..Teachers give us too much homework and are pushing the limit too far for us to handle.I know that homework is supposed to help us in our studies. I know that helps strengthen the brain in focus,thinking,and mental abilities to solve problems. But, Homework can also cause effects on your body that you don’t even realize. I read in the article “Is Too Much Homework Bad for Kids’ Health?That too much homework could cause “headaches, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, weight loss, and stomach problems. Not only too much homework could damage physical health it can also unstabilize behavior and well being”.Having these symptoms could cause you too miss school. Yet it is ironic. Homework causing you to miss school. Because as more and more time is being pushed into homework the less time we have to contact family and friends, attend hobbies,student have time for things outside of school.

Also Homework causes unnecessary stress upon many students in between the first year of high school to the last year of college. “A researcher from Harvard(Denise Pope) did a survey of 4,137 students, which showed more than half of the students labeled homework as a primary source of stress in their school lives. And less than 1% said homework was not a worry at all”. If more than half of the students in the survey(which is 2069 students) count homework as a bother

What solution could be offered to prevent these health hazards from happening. If you’ve already figured it out, good for you. The answer is staring right at you in the face. Well one of them. The solution is to reduce the amount to a more health friendly amount. Say 1 to 2 hours, seeing as “most students work on it for 3.1 hours every school day”. Teachers can try to figure out the amount of time that their assignment takes and ask themselves ‘Is this going to use a lot of time or to less?’ and try to limit if it is more than an hour long. Or if the homework does take less than 2 hours do you have many extra activities outside of school that needed to be done. As mentioned in the story earlier The Chinese essay(because I am in 6th grade) and math tutoring classes are not apart of many students daily schoolwork. If none of the above work you could always create a meeting with all the teachers and find out if you’re child is doing something while they are doing homework it is actually too much. But in all, I know the problem is too much homework.

 — written by Caroline J.

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