The Change

RSMany people think the Redskins should change their name for many reasons.

Many other people think they should change their name, people like president Obama. It is a very racist in many peoples eyes it is just like putting any other racist name on a football helmet .

If the Redskins would just change there name they would get more people to watch them , people would not be offended there would be harmony in communities. people would no longer be offended. If they don’t change the name they will lose there fans and if they lose fans they lose money. No one would support them either.

The N.F.L is also losing people to because they are allowing the redskins to keep the name. This problem has also appealed to congress. This is a very big deal and something must be done.

— written by Bryce M.

Works Cited

Nancy Armour, “Name offends; enough said.”  USA Today, 07  NOV

03, 2014



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