Technology Moderation

Technology Moderation

There are 3 types of parenting strategies with regard to technology use:

1. don’t allow any technology in your childrens lives

2. allow unlimited technology and,

3. allow some technology with moderation.

This paper will discuss which parenting strategy  is best for your children along the lines of technology.

The first two options are not the best.  If you don’t allow any technology then the result   e.s. tech moderation 2will be way too much overuse when the child finally gets the opportunity to get access.  For example; Mr. Costolo, the chief executive of Twitter had a college experience that changed his mind about his thoughts on technology limits.  When he was at the University of Michigan there was this guy that lived in the dorm next to him. He had cases and cases of soda. He later found out it was because he was never allowed to have soda growing up.

If you let them have too much technology then they WILL get addicted.  When they have e.s. tech moderation 1consequences including taking away their device or any tech,  it will result in disaster.   By that I mean full on tantrums, crying, or screaming.   As the internet gets more popularized, people will be demanding for the next iphone 7 or better.  In fact, 85% of all mobile phones are now smartphones.  Technology is steadily playing a greater role in society, but the key is to hold back from the addiction.

The best option would be the last.  They won’t overuse it too much because they e.s. tech moderation 3have a reasonable amount, and they won’t get too addicted if it’s moderated. Also they will fit in better or won’t be left out if their peers have electronics or other technology.

What I’m saying is that, let them have devices but not all the time.  We have to find the gray area between too much and too little;we need to have limits,but not too many.  The limit for example would be maybe 3 hours for week days, and 5 hours for weekends.

Although technology can be useful, it can also be a great danger to the community if people get addicted.  We need to remember that the measure of a civilization is not the devices you own, but the use it makes of you.  When we are all adults we could either be living under a technologic helmet all day, or going hiking with your children in the great outdoors. It’s your decision, and everyday you get closer to choosing your destiny.

— written by Emma S.

About the Author

Emma S. is the oldest out of her two brothers, Hayden and Ian. Her hobbies include, acting, drawing, playing the Sims, and watching Netflix.

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