Student Ids That Track Students

In any school in the USA or in the world, student IDs should not have trackers in them.

There are pros and cons of having student ID trackers. The trackers can invade privacy and put kids in danger. Although the IDs can help schools make more money and help with attendance, its safety would go down and it would be a terrible idea.

One main reason they shouldn’t have that type of technology is because it is unsafe.

In the article “New York Times,” a policy strategist for the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas states that the technology was easy to acquire, meaning people outside school might be able to hack in and monitor a student if they obtain the student’s unique number. I strongly agree with the strategist. If someone else hacked in and got a students unique number then they would be put in danger.  Even though schools state that their technology is safe because only they have access to it, they are bluffing. For example if a student is going to their locker during a certain class the “bad guy” would know and could do harm.

The other main reason these trackers are bad is that it takes away from privacy. Even though schools that use this technology make more money because the won’t count many students absent for not being in their seat, this can take away from personal life privacy. In my opinion if schools do this they are greedy for more money. They don’t actually put student’s safety first. That example is a perfect example of schools lying about their policy, safety first just for the students.

If your school has IDs with trackers in them, don’t wear it or make an argument or protest to your state governor or district.. Do something about this because this technology is not to be used in this way at all. Some parents are upset with it and some parents enjoy it and think its a good idea. This technology should be banned or should not to be used like this. Kids should be allowed to have a choice whether they want to wear their ID or whether they want a tracker chip in it or not.

About the Author

Nicholas Chan is a 6th grader at Canyon Vista Middle School. His favorite things to do are play video games, play basketball, and swim.
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