Should Teachers Give Less Homework?

crownDo you think that teachers give kids too much homework? Kids spend 2-4 hours doing homework but,the kids that are focused and don’t slack of actually get there work done  easily. By kids having too much homework they could fall behind in their classes.

And where should the kids do their homework, should they do it in front of their parents or by themselves in a room. Do ever think that you learn too much, well you can! By the teacher giving us kids piles and piles of homework, which could lead to us not knowing what we are learning.


Have you ever fallen asleep while doing your homework? Well it happens when you get an overload of homework. Yes children can only have a limited time of having their brain working repetitive at once. Do you think you’re focused when you’re in a playful and distracting, well that means as a parent you should have a talk about different areas to get working, but that only happens with a bucket full of homework. If Facetiming your friends or listening to music help you concentrate then you should do whats best for you, and if helps you get through all the homework the teachers give you then use it!

Do you think that your mom or dad should  check over your homework? It’s kind of odd thinking about it, but there are parents that make their children redo the whole thing if it’s not right or they redo the whole thing for them, and the kids not knowing what they did wrong. It is unnatural for parents to do that, and that its proven that its not the best thing to do. Is having sloppy and poor handwriting effecting  the corrections you’re getting by your parents.

The teachers try to blame all the bad work on the kids, but the kids are doing it all right, buts it’s their fault for telling the kid that he/she aren’t doing it right, because they don’t realize how much homework they have in one day. The  children are trying there best, but the teachers are making it so much harder on them then it already it. The amount of homework that teachers give is a lot, but if there is a bonus or extra credit the kids won’t want to do it because they are tired of doing harder or more of that subject. out It’s actually a win win for both sides if there is less homework, because then the teachers won’t have to make and print out the things that they print which could save trees if they don’t keep printing, but also the kids have a break too.        Just look at your friends for instance they can have piles of homework, and that week or day you want to hang out with them you can’t because of their homework. I remember a time that I couldn’t hang out with my friends, because I had way too much homework, and it took me 3 hours to finish it all. I was going to  San Antonio, but I had way too much homework, and that it ruined my whole weekend!

About the Author

Nisa Ali likes to play basketball, and she likes to have fun with her friends. She’s 11 years old!

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