Should Students Play Football?

Should students play football? Most people prefer not but I believe so. When you play football you have tons of fun, you can make great friends, and even get in shape learning a sport you can support your entire life. You can play for a middle school, high school,  or even college.   If you work hard and our lucky to have great talent you could get scholarship money for college or even go to the NFL.  It allows you to get out of the house from playing video games, teaches teamwork, and discipline. Don’t listen to all the others that say you’ll get injured.Football is great for kids at any age or any time.

When you play football you’re going to have tons of friends. There is nothing as fun as learning a sport and playing it with others. Football can make you a great team leader and follower. You learn to work with others to achieve a goal.  This can make you a great individual and help you in your job.You have to trust your teammates and be someone they can trust

Most people believe that when you play football you will get injured.You might actually get injured.But that’s just part of the game.Their are ways you can prevent this like proper head gear,and proper pads.Also making sure you have your head up at all times while playing football.

Football can get you in shape and very fit since you are constantly practicing and playing games.  Most football programs incorporate weight training and speed training which are essential to a good fitness program. .Let’s say you’re a little bit big and you want to lose some weight, this is a great opportunity to lose the weight while having fun playing football. No matter your size or weight there is a football position for you.If you are small you could make a great running back. If you are big you could make a good lineman or linebacker. Football can get you fit in no time!

Some students who play football in middle school and high school are even offered college scholarships which allow them help play for their college.  This helps them stay in shape, make new friends in college, and pay for their education.

I know many people will argue that it isn’t a good idea to play football due mostly to injuries.  But we do need to realize that with coaches becoming “Heads-Up” certified, new protective gear being developed all the time, and stricter refereeing practices the sports is developing into a safer activity.

In conclusion, anyone who wants to try football should be allowed to play as the benefits of building friendships, learning to be a team member, having fun, getting in shape and possibly receiving a college scholarship outweigh the fear of injuries.   hi nate its swaggy you left your computer on

— written by Nate F.  Nate is a twin and a 6th grader at Canyon Vista Middle School.  

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