Should Polices Should Wear Body Cameras

I went in my advisory, people were asking me if i read my article  I look in my binder I say oh woops forgot I need to read my article so I did read it i said, “ Okay this isnt that bad of a story.” So here I am, writing it and my thoughts of this story. What I think about this story is thats its true its a good and bad thing the thing is that you get to see who kills who and how you can capture them they go to jail.

If its not the right person you can possibly get the DNA and search those people.You can see who they who they were with and what they killed them with. You can possibly save us humans life.

If they don’t then who killed who then.. we are screwed. The person might kill other people and cause even more trouble! That would not feel great for the police because they knew somebody got killed and they didn’t do anything about that. They are going feel bad if they do use body cameras – they could go out there fight the people and other policemen can be in a room where they can see the person who killed somebody. Or, do something else dangerous they can catch them.

If they catch the wrong person because they had a technical difficulty, they would   wrong person in jail. They can re-watch the tape and if they still think its them.They can get the DNA and apologize or if they lie then they can still put them jail. it can save millions of peoples lives so the police can feel like heroes that they saved some one and the person can feel that life is short and could thank the police officer ever more so thats why i would want police officers to use body cameras and for many more reasons to help kids that want to be a police officer when they grow up they can research all different stuff about police men or women.

— written by Mia C.

Works Cited in progress…



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