Should Police Officers Wear Body Cameras

I predict that police officers should wear body cameras for dangerous activities such as a suspect on the camera that a person can not see or a cop telling the truth but the boss does not believe them, then the boss looks at the cameras to see if the cop is telling the truth.So lets see the truth with BODY CAMERAS!

Body cameras are better than the old cameras, but the cameras on the street for the people that go fast on the roads those are good. But the body cameras can also have a lot of advantages and disadvantages. They can see very well, capture suspects faces  or their cars licence plate. but they can’t help with cops especially when it comes to the news like how that teen that  got shot and died because of the cop. So with the body cameras we can see if the cop really did shoot him.

How many states do you think Police Officers have body cameras?There are 33 states that already have body cameras. If you want to know more go to the link at “Works Cited” to know more. Mayor Bill De Blasio says that “Body Cameras are helpful to create a real sense of transparency and I want everything to be filmed.”

— written by Xandro G.

Works Cited

“Should All Police Officers Wear Body Cameras? – NY Times …” 2014. 3 Mar. 2015.


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