Should Parents Limit Time on Electronics?

When it comes to using electronic devices, some parents think its bad, some don’t care, and some think a limited amount of time is good. Well, parents should limit the amount of time children use electronic devices.  Parents should do this so children won’t get addicted to electronic devices.  The time should not be so restricted that kids don’t get to use electronics at all.

Sometimes parents limit time on electronics is having a phone that can only call.  Most of these parents think if kids don’t have the opportunity to use something like an Iphone or tablet, kids can’t get addicted.  While that’s true what about when you become older and leave the house your parents can’t keep you from using electronics. According to “The Times” an example is there was a college student that could not have soda when he was a kid, so he got many cases of soda so if you try to limit stuff so much it can backfire on you.

On the other hand if your parents don’t limit it you could easily get addicted. According to “The New York Times” children under 10 seem to be most susceptible to becoming addicted because they have not learn how to limit themselves. For example, my parents say I can use my phone after my homework is done and I put my phone away at 9:00 when I have school the next day and 9:45 when I don’t. This method works for our house.

So what can we do? we can get parents to limit time on electronics for their kids, but not so much it would backfire or hurt them in the future. You can prevent this from backfiring by having your parents limit a certain amount of time on electronics. One way your parents can set a time limit is depending on how responsible your kid is and how much time on electronic devices  you think is right for them.

written by Matthew K.

 Works Cited

“Can Students Have Too Much Tech? –” 2015. 5 Mar. 2015.





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