Secret Messes

Secret Messes


“Jack! clean your room!”


“I’m not taking that response from you”


Has your mom ever told you to clean up your room or desk? And have you ever run out of excuses? Well I have the perfect escape for you! Messes have been scientifically proven to stimulate your mind and make you more creative. Messes have been shunned throughout the ages, and most adults agree that messes just take up unnecessary space and make areas dirty. But did you know that they actually inspire minds?! That’s right, these terribly messes are actually on our side! The small space messes take up compared to the growth of your mind, it’s an easy choice. So sacrifice some space for extra mind juice!

Messes should be let to live! one time I was in my extremely messy room doing my homework, when I got stuck. I just sat there and looked around my room, looking for something to bail me out. And that’s when I saw a math dictionary among the pile of mess that reminded me how to solve the problem. I soon finished my homework and carried on playing my game. If you ever get stuck, find the messiest place you can, and try to find something to give you a new look, trigger a memory or just altogether create a new idea that you can experiment with!

It is scientifically proven, according to the New York Times, that messes can make people more creative and think of new ideas! Researchers put two groups of people in two different rooms, one tidy and one messy, they were then showed the same menu. Some items were labeled new other classic, the people in the tidy room mostly chose the classic items, that are conventional. And the people in the messy room chose the items labeled new, as to show they liked novelty more! The people who were in the messy room were open to new ideas, but the people in the clean room wanted what they knew and not something different.

If you’re in a messy area it will open your mind and let it come up with new ideas! These ideas can lead to new solutions. so when your mom tells you to clean up, just say it opens your mind and allows you to come up with new ideas! Creativeness is good, and messes lead to creativeness therefore messes are good!

About the Author

Jack Moran is a hard working student currently in 6th grade. In his free time he reads, plays video games, and messes around with his dog. He really likes burgers and tacos. Hydras are his favorite mythological creature.

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