School Uniforms Prevent Kids From Real Life.

Should Schools Have Uniforms?uniforms

Some people say that school uniforms prevent bullying, but they’re wrong!

Schools should not have uniforms! Kids get bullied for all kinds of reasons, making them wear uniforms will only take  away kids’ individuality and the ability of making their  own choice. Also Uniforms are very costly. If uniforms take more than they give, the what’s the point?

First, school uniforms prevent kids from not making their own decisions.  If you make a bunch of kids walk around the school dressed like your personal army they are not going to grow up learning to make their own choices, if you do that for them.  If they grow up making their own choices how to express themselves through their clothes, then when they grow up they’ll know how to make their own choices through their clothing.

Secondly, if this country values individuality why are the schools taking it away from kids?  Kids have the right to express themselves and show who they are through their clothes. “ Uniforms strip students of identity” says Indiana Statesmen. Sure you should have some kind of dress code to keep everyone appropriate but it doesn’t mean you should make everyone wear the same thing.  Kids clothes show who they are.  It shows their individuality and expresses them in ways words cannot.  If you take that away, you are taking away their name or label that they had a right to choose. Almost one in five schools are required to wear uniforms, that 20% of kids not being able to express themselves!

Lastly, school uniforms can be very costly.  And what’s the point of buying something that can take away so much?  “Making children wear suits almost feels like we are ripping the creativity right out of their young souls”, says Victor Martel.  So yes, enforce a dress code but don’t make kids walk around school looking exactly the same. dress codes keep everyone appropriate but also let kids express themselves. I really don’t see the point in Uniforms if they take away so much.

About the Author

Jessica Lane is a student at Canyon Vista.  She did gymnastics for seven years and now plays basketball and soccer. She has one older brother who loves her very much! When she grows up she really wants to be a detective or a Lawyer.

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