School Uniforms Are Not Fair For Kids

“Why do we have to wear these annoying uniforms?”

“ I think we should have the right to wear what we want!”

Schools that require school uniforms don’t let kids wear things that other kids get to wear. Kids are not getting to express themselves and the uniforms are getting in the way.  Wearing a uniform is too much like formal office clothes that adults wear.

The uniforms can also get in the way of religious rules, they can carry chemicals that can make kids sick.  Since school last for seven or eight hours, wearing a uniform that has ties, skirts and tights, can be very uncomfortable.  Kids should have the right to choose their clothing because it is a free country.

Kids need the right to express themselves because without that, they might be lead to make poor choices.  Required uniforms keep kids from expressing themselves with their clothing, “Making children wear suits almost feels like we are ripping the expression and creativity right out of their young souls” says Victor Martelle. The uniforms also can carry chemicals that make kids sick because most uniforms have to be flat ironed, and that causes chemicals to be pressed into the clothes. One possible solution to the chemical problem would be to make uniforms that do not have to be ironed. If kids miss school often because they are sick, they will not get the education they need.  “Every decade the number of schools requiring uniforms increases by 6%”, according to the Department of Education, which means every year the number of kids being affected by required uniforms increases. Some uniforms go against a kid’s religion and their parents will not let them  wear the uniforms, so will the school suspend the kid and punish them?

Some people think that school uniforms help reduce bullying by removing differences, but kids still are being bullied for other reasons such as their names, color of skin, shape of body, and the way they move. The schools then think, lets make everyone wear the same thing and see if there is still bullying, and there is! Kids outside of the school make fun of kids that have to wear uniforms to school. The uniforms aren’t stopping bullying and more and more kids are being affected. Since there really is no way to completely stop bullying, and the uniforms aren’t helping that much, kids should be able to wear what they want to to make them happier.

The uniforms don’t make the school safer and they don’t control the kids better, so why have them? Kids are frustrated because their teachers don’t have to wear the uniforms, so why do they? The uniforms aren’t helping kids learn, it is just the way they dress, so why can’t they have a say in what they wear? There are so many things that school uniforms cause that aren’t good for the school or kids. Schools should think about the effect uniforms have on students and their learning before they decide to require them.

About the Author

McKenzie B. is 6th grader at Canyon Vista.  She loves sports, plays basketball, volleyball, and softball.  She has 2 dogs and loves to take care of them.  When she grows up she wants to be a cop or be an employ at my ranch.

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