Privileged Choose Housing for the Poor

Privileged Choose Housing for the Poor

CaptureAffordable housing is a solution, but to many people it is a current problem.  

According to the New York Times ”people don’t want affordable housing and 2000 people have said no to affordable housing, because they think it will bring drugs and crime to the neighborhood”.  People think that there will be “Urban Violence”. Also races play a big role in affordable housing some people think if they move next to a certain race bad things will happen.

Some people think certain things about a certain race and according to utdr library” these assumptions lack empirical evidence”, we are making assumptions about who people are as a whole based just on race. So we should stop making assumptions and give affordable housing a chance.  Some people can’t afford to live in an apartment, so some people live in affordable housing. Affordable housing is mainly an apartment but if people don’t make a lot of money each year they may need affordable housing to pay for other needs like clothing, water, food, taxes, and bills like electricity bill.

I feel that everyone should have a roof over their heads and a floor at their feet, so we should have affordable housing so people can lead a good life. If you only made 8k a year” ⅓ poverty level” would you want affordable housing than, if you could not afford clothes ,water, food what would be so wrong with affordable housing. People who say no to affordable housing should stop and think what if it was me who needed that house to survive.

We should have affordable housing for people who need it. If people are worried about crime or drugs than the people who own the housing unit should do an interview for people who would like to live there so you can make sure they are not a bad person. We should have affordable housing because it can mean the difference between having a roof over your head and being a beggar on the streets. Next time you say no to affordable housing (or anything) stop and think what’s so bad about it. The housing should be cheap and safe for those who want it. we should start saying yes to things we are unfamiliar with because even  if you are scared to build a home for people that need, think am i stopping what people need based on my wants.

— written by Greta M.

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