Parents Shouldn’t Limit the Time Students Go Digital

aiden zeng

Some people say that parents should limit the time students go digital. And we should limit our playtime on video games, Netflix, and texting, etc. My parents don’t limit my time when I do all of my homework. I agree that it changes how students learn and what they talk about and damages their communication skills, but there are fun digital things that can motivate them.

It is good that when they finish their homework they can play so they don’t get distracted when they’re are doing their homework. Their parents have to limit the screentime so they don’t get addicted.One solution is to make a schedule such as to not play on weekdays and to only play on weekends. Another solution is to just buy a phone, Xbox, and PC at a later age. An alternative is to just have board games or role playing board games so they can play with their whole family. And kids become more competitive and want to be better than the others so they go on a binge and play for approximately  three hours.  Because the students are getting addicted because there are better games and stuff.

All of the top grossing games are good. By it damages communication skill I mean that if there is a party they would all be playing and not interacting with other people. Well they can interact online but that doesn’t work as well in real life. Yes, it is good to have some screens and some fun in our life. Cause If we don’t we would be dull, traditional people. Yes, games get us more things to talk about. Yes, games are costly. But they are worth the money. Because parents like to see their kids happy and enjoying what they did for their children. Some games are good because they can improve their art and creativity skills. The students also become more creative. Such as they know how to draw gargoyles and plasma rifles. Chris Anderson is a drone maker and he said “My kids accuse me and my wife of being fascists and overly concerned about tech, and they say that none of their friends have the same rules.”

In conclusion I think we shouldn’t limit time as long as we don’t get addicted. I also think parents should take better care of their child. Also people should give a phone or something at a later age.   As I have said some of the solution and alternative to help some children.

— written by Aiden Z.

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