Parent Should Let Their Kids Play Football

Football is a extra curriculum activity that allows kids to enjoy physical contact while learning the art of teamwork. Football is considered one of the best american football sports. Kids should play football because they can have something to do after school.

Most kids just stay at home and watch TV and  play video games. IF you are playing football you can have something to do after school! Most  kids love tackling other people kids love wearing things that protect them from getting hurt. They can have fun and do what they love. Football helps them stay in shape. It helps them get more and better muscles and talent.  kids should play football because every sunday on game day kids just sitting there watching  wishing there parents would let them play football

My dad put me in football because he wants me to be strong and it worked  when i first start playing football  i was very scared because i didn’t know how to play but when i kept practicing we lost all our games in our first season the next season we went to the playoffs and i played running back i was really good and we won our championship game its was fun because i was getting better and my family was there to support me i like playing football because my family plays football and they taught me my brother, my cousins  my mom and dad.i get better and better everyday

About the Student

Julian D.  was 6 years old when he start  playing football he was  ready to play and his dad put him in football because he thought he would like playing football it helps him build up his strength.his mom didnt want julian playing football because she thought he might get hurt.but his mom and dad was really proud of him because he got a good position as playing running back he was really happy in his first game julian scored 2 touchdowns his parents where really happy his mom said you can get hurt in any sport but he had to be careful.

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