One Game

“ GO, RUN!! “

A boy on my brother’s football team a few years ago had the ball and was running to the end zone. While he was running, another boy came and tackled him close to the end zone.

The helmet of the boy who tackled him hit  the guy on my brother’s team in the head, and he got a concussion.

This is just one of many stories that I have. A lot of boys in the US play football, so this issue is all over the United States. Boys could get hurt in any way playing this sport, not just concussions. Some boys get hurt in bizarre and unusual ways. These ways of getting hurt could be life altering. Now the question is, should we be watching these boys get damaged? No we shouldn’t, I can’t think of any reason I would disagree with that we shouldn’t! Also, I can think of a bunch of reasons that we would change the way boys play football.

The New York Times said a player, Devon  Walker at Tulane University collided with one of his teammates while tackling a player on the other team. 21 year old, Devon Walker, broke his neck. While he was on the ground doctors had done CPR. Right now all we know is that he may or may not be able to walk. That’s insane, one hit did all that! This incident caused the National Football League (NFL) to do their part. The NFL donated 30 million to the National Institutes of Health to support research on brain injuries and other serious medical conditions prominent in athletes.

This is a serious matter, so many boys love to play football.  We need to change this very fast so a lot more boys will not get hurt. We could change the rules a little, or maybe banish the whole game. There are a lot of ways to change this sport. We just need to think of ways to keep the game safe.

— Written by Rylee C.

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