No More Uniforms     

No More Uniforms

Teens should not wear school uniforms because that is violating our rights.

We have the freedom of speech so we should be able to wear  whatever we want to school.

We should have the right to decide what we have to wear unless it is inappropriate.

Children need to express themselves in color. For example

when my friends come to school they are alway wearing very colorful clothes they will be joyful and ecstatic and every time they are wearing a dark color of clothes they will be mad, grumpy or depressed.

Kids should not have to wear school uniforms because is does not let them express themselves. Also , if there is a poor family that can’t pay for the uniforms the child may be bullied.  As well as being bullied, children will all look the same,  school uniform should not be in school  ,especially in public schools where children go just to get on education, not to be proper.

There already is a solution the most common policy at school today at schools is the dress code.  Meaning the students has the opportunity to pick out the style and color that best suits him/her. Dress code also include rules about the wearing of clothes, such as requiring proper fitting pants that are pulled up all the way,belts,dress shoes, tucked -in shirts and so on.

So this is why I think schools should not have uniforms at school.

About the Author

Bella G. is a OK writer and she has a lot of friends.  Her best friend is Carly B.,  she loves horse back riding, she goes horse back riding when ever she can, she goes hose back riding every Spring Break, she has a horse called Woody, she loves softball, she plays every summer, she loves swimming.  And Bella is very active in every thing she is ever not doing nothing.

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