Low Tech Parents

Low Tech Parents can take a say of what kids do in school like when kids should have cell phones at the right age.  Kids should be able to take their phones out in school for school reasons only.  And if there is an emergency the kid can call there parents to get something from home.

Phones can be useful for research in class but sometimes kids get distracted with their phones.  Kids may leave their phones in class or forgot at school. So should kids have phones in school yes but only for school reasons, or for a problem with school supplies that you need something from home that you forgot.

Phones  tablets, and laptops should be allowed in school for school reasons. We the kids should have rights in school to have our phones, tablets, and laptops out during school.  When us kids use our phones in class we can use our phones for the subject that we are in that time . The reasons that were listed above are the reasons that kids should have a little more tech time so they can enjoy themselves on their devices.

— written by Margaret B.

Works Cited

Lieblich, Julia. “A College Breakdown.” Los Angeles Times.

12 Feb. 2015: A.23.


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