Living with Less.

Living with Less. A Lot less.

People should not be so occupied with buying so much! you don’t  need a lot of stuff to make you happy, all you need is the  most  important essentials instead of a closet full of clothes you don’t even wear, and probably will never wear. People think that having a lot of stuff is good, but its actually not. Our generation is really spoiled, and we have easier access to anything, and we can pay for things ourselves without having somebody buy it, but we have to work for it, like getting paid from allowance  or getting money from family members on special events, and saving up your money for something you really want like for example: a computer. You should save up for something big then using up your money right when you get it because you will end up having a lot of stuff. According to The New York Times, experts say that surrounding yourself with materialistic things will make you happy, but I personally think that the people around you will make you even more happier!

After buying things usually makes people happy because they think that they can brag about the stuff they have. You should be thankful for what you have! Yes, most people will buy so many stuff to show off their new things, thats the reason why having less is better, and you will be happy that you get to surround yourself with so many things, your family and friends should be the reasons why you are always happy, not on what you have!

Some people (like on tv) have a lot and save so many things and never use them and save them and they don’t have a problem with it. They even think that having a lot of stuff is good for them, when its not! People can change from all the stuff they have. So instead of having so much things, its better to have less.

written by Giselle D.

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