Kids Playing Football

kids playing football“ Hut!”

“the players running up the field”

“the balls in the air”

“and its caught for a touchdown”

Should  kids play football?

is it ok for them to play? I am here to talk about football.  It is ok for kids to play football 10 and up.

One way I know is because I read an article called “Should Kids Play Football” By Joe Nocera that said a man he met wrote a book about kids being able to play football, not only is it helpful it is fun it give kids time to think communicate and the best part  having fun. I am not saying parents make your kids play football but if they can handle it let them. Kids should get to make their own decision! If they want to play football let them play its there choice.

Another way i think this is because it help kids gain speed and strength.   Football players wear a ton of pads and clothing so they are safe.according to the  new york times article getting hit all the time is not good .To solve this problem we should let kids play flag football. I think kids should be able to play football.So football can be Fun and Safe.

About the Author

Aman is in 6th grader that goes to Canyon Vista and loves to play sports. He is in band and plays the clarinet .

Works Cited

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