Kids Playing Football?

Parents should let their children play football at their own risk. I have played tackle football (Pop Warner) and when I got injured my parents had a serious talk with me. It took some convincing but she said yes to continue playing football, and my life changed. To me football is the greatest thing in the world besides broccoli, (just kidding).

If your parent doesn’t want you to play football I believe that I can change their mind.

There are a lot of things that could happen when your little kid plays football. They could get badly injured. They could get serious diseases. And also they could become mentally challenged from a concussion. That just said, I have something to change your mind. Football brings joy in life and shows great teamwork and responsibility. In a New York Times article it stated, that football could give you a lot like, friendships, pay a part of your education, (if you make it) and help you comfort financially. It can create relationships no school-like-ones can. Working together as a team makes you become family with your teammates, and that makes football even better.

Football right now is the safest its ever been and you seen all these NFL legends doing fine. A first start could be flag football but that can’t compare to you what tackle can. I very much believe you should allow your son to play football. But it all comes down to your parent signing the permission or throwing it away.

About the Author

Daniel A. loves football. He played for the Anderson Trojans Pop Warner Junior Pee Wee and lead his team to the playoffs.

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